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For starters: I’m pretty much the most optimistic person in the world. Seriously. I mean, I have yellow for the theme on my website, which practically shouts “I’m Perpetually Happy.”

If I had a hobby, and if traveling counted, that would be it. I’ve backpacked through almost forty countries (I know – I’m almost jealous of myself). I’ve slept in hotels made of salt and rode on elephants and scuba-dived near pristine reefs so colorful they make Finding Nemo look black and white.

Secret facts you might not want to know about me: I am a mother of twin boys! (God must love me a lot!) I’m a yogi – give me a mat and I’m ready to stretch. My eyes change color depending on what I’m wearing. I love to eat organic. I haven’t changed sizes since high school, with exception for the growing belly. I grew up in Los Angeles (Valley girl!) Got some gluten intolerance issues. I love to dance – salsa, swing, west African.

What do I love about photographing people? I love making young woman feel gorgeous and empowered. So often woman don’t know how stunningly gorgeous they are, and I want to help show them both their inner and outer beauty. Also, I love preserving some of the happiest moments in a person’s life. From photographing a senior in high school to a big happy family, I love creating lifelong heirlooms that families will cherish for generations to come. Kids grow up so fast, so I think it’s vitally important to capture all of life’s stages with the lens of my camera.

Oh, and in my completely unbiased opinion, I’m married to the real Fantastic Mr. Fox, who’s also an artist, though more on the linguistic side of things, which means I take the pictures and he writes the captions.

So, you say, even though all that makes you sound like an incredible person, what about your (in Napoleon Dynamite voice) skills?

Okay, here’s my street cred: I nabbed a B.F.A. in art from UCLA, been photographing for the last fifteen years, showcased my fine art in national and international venues, shot travel photography on five continents, and done performance art at legit museums such as the Getty.

Whew. Yeah, I keep busy. Plus, I’ve taught photography to high school seniors for the past eleven years, allowing me to really know the sort of clients I like to work with.

And if you were to ask me what the meaning in life is, I would tell you that it’s to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Amen and amen!

Satisfied now? Well, shoot me an email and we’ll discuss how to make the magic happen.

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