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About Amber Fox

AmberFox-about Hello Gorgeous! I am a Senior Portrait Photographer for the hip & happy Senior. I specialize in naturally lit portraiture of high school seniors in beautiful Orange County, CA. I am here to celebrate YOU by making you feel and look beautiful. When I am not taking awesome photos of high school seniors, I am likely teaching photography to my 185 high school students, hanging with my family, traveling the world or spending time with friends. You can see all my fun adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’m like many of you. I am a working mom with a crazy busy life. I have been teaching photography to high schoolers for the past 13 years, LOVE my twin two year old boys and remember nostaglically my travel adventures around the world. When I was in high school, I was super into school and graduated with a crazy high GPA and became a Bruin at UCLA were I studied art. My husband is my best friend and biggest supporter. And, like many women, I struggle with body image and not seeing the beauty within myself. I want to empower my seniors with an opportunity to see themselves how their momma sees them…as beautiful and amazing! I want to tell you how gorgeous you are and pump you up with confidence.

The professional photographer who did my senior portraits when I was in high school showed this to me and it seriously wasn’t until then, that I learned I was pretty. Someone just needed to show me. And I want to show YOU!

My adoring fans & customers say: “We were very pleased with Max’s senior photos taken by Amber Fox. Amber was creative with her choice of location and background and she made Max feel very comfortable and confident during the photo shoot. The images captured an important time in his life and we are glad we chose the candid shots created by Amber Fox Photographer, rather than the sterile photos often created in a commercial photography studio.” -Rick and Lisa McCollum

My work has been featured on Seniorolgoie, Design Aglow, I Heart Faces and Inspire Me Baby. Call me today and book your own Senior Portrait Experience at 310-463-8177 and get ready to feel and look amazing!