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For seven years I was involved in the most amazing group of artists: Arts and Entertainment Ministries (AEM). There are cinematographers, producers, directors, painters, photographers (of course!), writers, actors, comedians, musicians, spoken-word artists, poets, sculptors, dancers. Et cetera, Et cetera. You name the artistry, there is someone who practices it in the group. And we’d get together weekly and talk about art and how it related to our faith, or discuss a movie, or talk about a writer. It was just so encouraging to be part of a body of people all making stuff together.

Even more importantly that the artistic encouragement, I met my husband there. We went to Whole Foods together and then showed up at the group together and someone said (who knew us both separately), “Oh, do you two want to sit together?” (So in addition to all the artists, there were a few people practicing the fine art of “matchmaking.”) He was a writer and we hit it off splendidly talking about art in that group. When we got married, Joel and Mich (below), who run the arts program, gave us great advice about marriage too.

Well, once a year AEM showcases some faith-based art from around the world, and for the last seven years, I’ve documented the performance with my sharp eye and quick lens. Enjoy the pictures below, and if you can, go to the artists’ web sites — they have some incredible work.

It takes a huge team of volunteers to get this event to happen and here are some of my favorite volunteers.
Kengsen Chong flew all the way from Malaysia to be a part of the evening!
Kevin Rolly is one of those cool guys who lives in the downtown artist community of the Brewery and uses a hybrid of traditional photography with oil painting. 
Yolanda Tolentino‘s voice melts like butter and Jeffrey Travis is an awesome filmmaker of short films and animated shorts. 
Travis’ Flatland: The Movie is currently being reworked into an IMAX 3-D film and is definitely a must see film. 
Yolanda’s voice was BEAUTIFUL and you can just see how in the moment she is. Love it!
I love when I get to take a picture of someone taking a picture. It makes my lens happy.
Kelda played an awesome set of poppy meets alternative rock piano based music. She was awesome!
Aaron Blez was straight up hysterical. I LOVED his poetry and his dry sense of humor.
I was so excited to see One Truth come back for a second year. With a hip hop vibe, this guy preaches it! If want to know what it means to live a life of faith, listen to his music and don’t be surprised when you find yourself dancing.
For the last section of the evening, Joel interviewed the artists about their process and inspiration for their art.
And for other’s who were in the show, make sure to check out the hysterical Kristen Weber, the filmmaker of one of the most thought provoking films I have seen for a long time, Steven Holloway, the abstract painters, William Butler, Jennifer Kimbrough and Glen LaMar.

Martin Buber once said “Creation is not a hurdle on the road to God, it is the road it’s self.”

  • Michelle Pelsue - October 25, 2010 - 12:26 pm

    Amber, is an incredible photographer, always professional and her work is always the highest of quality. We have been blessed to have her cover the show for many years and we are NEVER disappointed, always surprised with the large number of amazing shots, captured!

  • [...] Great event photos! Please check out the wonderful photography at AmberFoxPhoto. [...]

Earlier this summer my husband and I spent some time traveling in the Pacific Northwest. While we were there I saw all sorts of foxes, fox Christmas ornaments that is. Maybe because they actually have foxes that run around naturally up there that stores would carry such cute things. So when I saw this adorable fox, I just had to have it.

The first assignment I always give to my beginning photo students is exploring one object from a variety of vantage points. I thought it would be fun to do the project with my kids and take photos of something in my house. When my eyes saw this little guy on the piano, I knew it was the perfect subject to photograph.

The first photo of my fox is shot from an angled perspective. When you get your subject from the side, it allows you to see a whole new side of them. Doesn’t she look so regal here?

In these shots, I have to say she is the cutest fox EVER! And her backside is super foxy too. 
It’s always fun to shoot from above to get a bird’s eye view of your subject. But sometimes you have get a little uncomfortable to get below your subject for a worm’s eye view, but it can yield a cool shot if you do. 


Are you are a trend setter? Are you someone who is energetic and positive? Have you always wanted to be a model? Most importantly, are you graduating in 2011? I’m looking for seniors who go to TroySonoraFullerton, Sunny HillsWhittier Christian, Rosary, La Mirada and La Habra High School to be my Senior Portrait Rep Model. If you are these things, I’m looking for some awesome Senior Reps to help spread the word about my senior portrait photography business. You will have your senior portrait session taken for FREE and you can earn cool rewards as incentives if you bring me new clients. If you are interested, please fill out this form.

And if you are graduating from BIOLA, Fullerton CollegeUCLA or Whittier College, you too can be a Senior Portrait Model Rep too. Just click here.

Check out my Senior Portrait Portfolio.

  • Tira J - October 13, 2010 - 8:28 am

    Awesome job on this Amber!

The holidays are here and so are my mini portrait specials! Don’t miss out!

2010 Holiday Mini Portrait Specials

The holiday season can be so crazy, that the week before Christmas comes, I often realize that I didn’t send out my Christmas cards, let alone take a picture. Lets fix that problem and take care of your family portrait for your annual Holiday card with my 2010 Holiday Mini Specials!

Available Session Dates/Locations

Saturday, November 6, 2010- AM & PM time slots – Urban Location

  • Location: Whittier TBA (will be held in a urban like location; exact location provided with session confirmation)

Sunday, November 21 , 2010 – AM & PM time slots – Nature Location (this is a new date)

  • Location: Fullerton TBA (will be held in a nature-like location; exact location provided with session confirmation)

Holiday Mini Sessions

  • $200 Creative Photography Session Fee
  • 30 minute portrait session at 1 location with 1 outfit
  • Within 10 business days, your online ordering gallery will be activated with 10-15 full color images
  • Choose your 2 favorite and get them as high resolution images on a cd
  • 6 time slots available (9,10,11 am & 1, 2, & 3 pm)

You save $100 with my mini portrait offer! So take advantage!

No prints or custom designed products are included in the Creative Photography Session Fee. You will be able to purchase additional prints, custom design products and holiday cards once your gallery is activated. There is no minimum print ordering fee with this special.


So my first attempt at cooking Indian food was a huge success, but my second time, not so much. The food is beautiful, colorful and uber healthy, which is all good. But after a spoonfuls, I was done. I couldn’t take more than a few bites. Is that horrible? I followed the recipe to a T, did everything right, but it just didn’t turn out the way I had hoped.

My first dish was “Spicy Eggplant with Tomatoes.” This hearty meal was succulent and colorful, but collapsed in the mouth. It’s super spicy because of the cayenne, but the mushy texture made me make funny faces unknowingly as I ate it. While the “Punjabi Red Beans” look more exotic than they taste. It had a heavy ginger flavor, but this dish needed lots of time for the flavor to grow, because it tasted much better the next day. I am going to give “5 Spices, 50 Dishes” a few more tries before I try another Indian cookbook.

The funny thing about these recipes is that I already had all the spices on hand.  If someone looked at my spice rack they might mistake me for an experienced Indian chef. Ha!

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