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I am SO excited to introduce you to the Class of 2014 Foxy Senior Models. This year I had the privilege of working with store owner Courtney Heinlein of the fabulous Vintage Vogue. Together we created and styled the perfect 4th of July shoot to start off this year’s class of girls senior year with a bang!

With Boho Americana clothes in all the stores and covering the spreads of magazines nationwide, Courtney and I thought it would be fun to outfit my girls with this latest fashion trend. If you follow Vintage Vogue on Instagram, you would know that there are SO many cute finds to wear as you celebrate America! And my girls are looking pretty amazing I think! Wouldn’t you agree?

My first Foxy Senior Model is named Jaclyn and she is gorgeous! With a beautiful smile and legs that go on for miles, Jaclyn loves to dance and hang out with friends. I am so excited that she is going to represent my brand this year. 
And then we have the blue eyed beauty Rachel. Rachel is a Class of 2014 Senior at Sunny Hills High School. With a love for sports, Rachel represents her school on the soccer field and in front of my camera.

Amber Fox Photographer, Foxy Senior Model, Class of 2014

Oh Hannah! This young woman brings it to the camera! Hannah is a Class of 2014 Senior from Troy High School and spends her extra time painting or drawing, plays tennis and is gorgeous to photograph. Girl, you impress me!

Caitie with her beautiful smile is a Senior at Rosary High School. Between juggling her responsibilities of being 2014 Senior Class President and playing lacrosse, she found some time to model some Americana wear and shine her beautiful smile.
Amber Fox Photographer, Foxy Senior Model, Class of 2014

Erin is seriously adorable! An auburn beauty, with some seriously gorgeous blue eyes, it was a joy to photograph this Sunny Hills Senior. Erin has a love for volleyball, but an even greater love for being loud and spunky.

And Lauren, oh Lauren! A dark haired beauty, Lauren is a soon to be graduate of Sonora High School and I am so excited she is a part of the Foxy Senior Model team. She loves volleyball and anything that involves helping people, so I know I am going to love getting to know Lauren that much more over the year. 
Look at this group of girls! Are they seriously the most gorgeous group of girls ever!?! And their outfits from Vintage Vogue are so freaking stylish! To all my blog readers, you have to head on over to Vintage Vogue to have Courtney make you look this good!
Jaclyn was having a blast with this American Flag scarf as the wind picked up and I had so much fun photographing her. 
I was so excited to score a Mustang for this shoot. It was seriously the perfect prop for our Boho Americana shoot. What kind of car epitomizes America more than an vintage Mustang?!
We also had to involve a musical element to our fun shoot. Wouldn’t these girls draw a huge crowd?!
And then the light got really amazing. I think this photo of Lauren is one of my favorite from the whole shoot. 

What shoot is not complete with fun bubbles? 

Or cheesy 4th of July sunglasses? 

Amber Fox Photographer, Foxy Senior Models, Class of 2014
And then our shoot came to an end. With fireworks now legal in Fullerton, I wanted to have a safe form of a bang. The girls had fun with these poppers. 

If you have been wanting to book your Senior Portrait Session and you know one of these Foxy Senior Models, ask them for one of their discount cards and you will get $100 off your session fee if you book this summer! I only offer a big discount like this once a year, so make sure to jump on it. My summer calendar is almost full, so if you want to be a part of the fun, click the button below and we will get started.

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Summer is grand! I am so blessed to be a teacher and have a two month vacation. People keep asking us if we are going to travel anywhere this summer, and my answer is always the same. I just want to stay at home with my boys and live life with them as a stay at home mommy. John normally gets to do this stuff and I am loving every second of it.

These fun photos were taken by my dear friend Treacy Mize, the same awesome photographer who did our family shoot. When she stayed with us, we just went on living as normal and kept to our routine with the boys, which meant lots of eating and playing. Thanks Treacy for capturing the normal day-to-day life of my family.

Feeding is a pretty big deal in our home. John and I are foodies, so we are very proactive in introducing fun international flavors to our boys. We make all our own baby food and use fun spices like tumeric or fresh mint from the garden to spice things up. These boys will not be eating hotdogs and pizza every night, but rather things like chicken tikka masala (which they love) or homemade hummus.

Treacy Mize, Fox Family
It’s funny because when Treacy took these pictures, the boys were still exclusively eating purees. We have now advanced to finger foods and edibles that have interesting textures. 
Treacy Mize, Fox Family
It’s just a ball of fun in our house around meal time. Yeah!
Treacy Mize, Fox Family

Treacy Mize, Fox Family
Our boys are very good eaters for the most part. Zach loves his fruits, like kiwi or papaya and Luke loves anything veggie.
Treacy Mize, Fox Family
And then there are the times that they don’t like what we give them and they make the most priceless faces. It’s HYSTERICAL! 
Treacy Mize, Fox Family
I also love how food gets EVERYWHERE. This is a very clean face too!
Treacy Mize, Fox Family
They are so trusting. Look at those eyes! Ugh, I can just eat my kids up!!!
Treacy Mize, Fox Family

After our meal is all done, it’s play time. Notice the pot lids on the floor? The boys love to bang them on our tile floors at 8:00 in the morning. They are daddy’s alarm clock!

Treacy Mize, Fox Family
  • Katie - June 28, 2013 - 10:07 am

    I loved reading this post and seeing into your life. I think about you more than you probably realize my friend, and so happy to see you so blessed :)

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When I am photographing one of my beautiful high school seniors or gorgeous families, I literally squeal in excitement as I am getting amazing pictures. I truly LOVE what I do and it shows! And I love when my clients can tell that they are my muse and that I am having a blast taking photos of them. Check out this great testimonial from a mom that I talking about her darling daughter Michaela’s experience on our super fun photo shoot.

Amber Fox Photographer, testimonial for a senior portrait shoot

So seniors if you are thinking of doing a photo shoot this summer, what’s stopping you?! Trust my past clients and rest in their positive words about their super fun experience and know that I will make you look and feel amazing!

  • Deb - June 28, 2013 - 5:33 pm

    LOL! Love it, Amber! Still puts a smile on my heart whenever I look at those pictures! Thanks again! :o)

I am so excited for all my girls who graduated this June and for the 170 photo students I had the honor of teaching this semester. So much of the world is ahead of them. Adventures await, challenges ahead and lots of learning opportunities are in store…oooh what fun!

I wanted to thank all the wonderful families and Seniors who I had the privilege of working with. This was quite a hard year for me, learning to be a mom and juggling my family, teaching and my photo biz. For the awesome young women I had the joy of photographing, you all left me giddy with excitement. You reminded me of me and helped to keep my identity of being an artist in tact, as I was finding a new identity of a mom. So thank you. And for my photo students, you all rocked this year. It was so much fun teaching you the magic of photography and all the fun stuff you can do with it. It was a whirlwind of a year!

Danielle, I LOVED photographing you. It’s a treat when I get to photograph former students. I wish you the best at Santa Barbara City College and surfing the waves of Ventura Beach. You’re too cool!

Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2013
Michaela, you are just plain cool. I pray that you continue to ride horses and follow your passions all the way into adulthood. You go by the beat of your own drum and I applaud you for it. You are gorgeous and such a confident young woman who isn’t afraid of being yourself…don’t lose that. 
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senor Portraits, Class of 2013

Katie! Oh Katie! I love your style, your sense of humor and your love for ruggedness. I pray that you continue to pursue agriculture and eventually make it to a university with a strong agriculture program. You were given a gift that you already know what you want to do, so I hope you have the guts to really go after it. 
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2013
Sarah, you are beautiful. You are such a gorgeous young woman, both inside and out. I am so excited for what lays ahead of you at University of Texas. I just know you are going to love it there! I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up falling in love with a cowboy! Yee ha!
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2013

Oh Haley! I feel like I have seen you grow into a amazingly gorgeous young woman over these past few years. When I first met you a couple years ago, I had no idea I was going to photograph you and now I have had the honor of creating amazing photos of you. You are such a sweetie. I am not sure what your college plans are, but knowing your parents, I am sure you are taken care of. You are so loved and you are going to be uber happy in life.

Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senor Portraits, Class of 2013

Brittany, you are a jewel. I really loved getting to know you this year and it was so much fun photographing you. Good luck at Santiago Canyon College and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of that campus. Troy High’s ASB is going to miss your gorgeous smile. 

Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2013
Pia, I think your session was one of my all time favorite shoots! You were so much fun to get to know and to see come alive in front of my lens. You are brilliant, kind and super adorable! Everyone who has been lucky enough to know you, knows that you are going to be running for president one day or something amazing like that! Good luck at Brown University and enjoy everything it has to offer!
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2013

Mychal, I was so impressed by you. Your love for dance, but super brainy desires to be a cosmetic designer, makes you so well rounded and cool. Your joyful spirit just flows through your chestnut eyes and gorgeous smile. I hope you enjoy college and surround yourself with inspiring people, as I know you are going to inspire others too. 
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2013
Kelsey, you just graduated from Sonoma and I pray that you are doing exactly what you love. From what I have learned since graduating from college, is that you really should get into a career that you love. Work should be fun and something you to do everyday. And if you are having a hard time figuring it out, even it’s not marketing like what you studied in college, you will eventually learn what it is. Big hugs!
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2013

Charli! You are so sweet, beautiful and very much loved. It was so fun seeing you blossom with confidence in front of my lens and I pray that you hold onto that. Good luck in college and study something that you love and find super interesting. And I hope that you get that princess role at Disneyland!
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2013
Grace, you are an all around amazing young lady. You are smart, super social, strikingly gorgeous and a joy to photograph. I hope you continue to fall more in love with that super handsome soldier boyfriend of yours, but don’t let him hold you back from pursuing your education. I am totally confident that you are going to be super successful and that you will fill your life with all sorts of amazing adventures. 
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2013
Danielle, you are a sweetie. What I love about you is that you are a girly girl, yet you love to get your hands dirty. Most young women don’t know the difference between a cow and a steer, but I hope your love for animals takes you far. 
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2013
And last, but definitely not least, Emily! I have had the honor of photographing you many times now and I LOVE it! You are such a strong, smart and well poised young woman. Your early success is just a taste for what is in store for you in years to come. And I just love your family, so I know your parents are going to help support you and love watching you blossom into a incredibly accomplished woman. This is just the beginning! 
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits, Class of 2012

So to my beautiful Foxy Seniors, congrats! And to my awesome Foxy Students, amen, it’s summer!

Some parting words…I hope you all the courage to live life to the fullest. Turn off the tv and put the cell phone away when you are talking to people…you will find your self more connected and actually be able to listen to them. Save your money for traveling the world, as it’s the BEST education I have ever had. Choose your friends wisely, as the people you surround yourself with have a HUGE impact on the happiness and ability of you reaching your goals. Eat healthy, as your body needs real food, from the earth, to nourish it and allow your body to work at it’s peak performance. Allow your body to move, as that it what is made for! And lastly, ladies, fall in love with a man that treats you well and respects you for who you are. You are all strong, lovely and brilliant women, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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  • Deb - June 28, 2013 - 5:36 pm

    Beautiful highlights from you senior portraits this year! Thanks for including Michaela . . . her photo session with you was one of the highlights of her senior year! Thanks!

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