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Where am I located & what type of photography do I specialize in?

I am located in the city of Fullerton, which is nestled in North Orange County, California. I specialize in stylish Senior, & Family portraits for hip & happy people of the Orange County & Los Angeles areas. 

How much are my photography services?

My Session Fee is $300. This price is for my time both taking pictures and editing them, talent & training and online hosting. The  Session Fee is also includes includes professional hair styling and make-up application at Salon Lujon. Please email me for my print, album and collection information.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

There is no ordering requirement.

How much do clients typically spend?

The average client invests $1500-2500 in their custom photography.

Why get Senior Portraits, when I already get them for the yearbook?

When I was in high school, everyone took their senior portraits at the boring yearbook studio. At the time I was a bit insecure, and being under bright lights and wearing an ugly shirt my mom forced on me made me uncomfortable. So I decided to hire my friend’s older boy friend, a super cool photographer, to take fun portraits of me. I had never realized how beautiful I was until I looked at those pictures. He made me feel like a model. I want to do the same for young people in Southern California — show them how beautiful they are! Don’t let that boring yearbook photo be the only way you remember how gorgeous you are twenty years from now! Check out my Seniors portfolio.

Why should I get family portraits?

There are so many families that I talk to that tell me that they have not had a family portrait done for 20+ years. Or that the only photos they have of their kids are the ones the school does with the boring backdrop that show nothing about their darling personality. Families are a unit, not just a kid in a chair by himself. Photographs are not just taken to preserve a memory of you, but to pass on as an heirloom to your kids and then to their kids. And they don’t just help us remember, but they tell stories. Allow for your story to be passed down for generations with a super fun photo session that is built on what your family likes to do and what makes you guys you. Check out my Big Happy Family Portfolio.

Do you do weddings?

I only want to focus on lifestyle portraiture for fun families & hip seniors. I can totally point you towards some super fun artists who are awesome wedding photographers if you shoot me an email.

How would you describe your shooting style?

My job is to make you feel comfortable and to look beautiful. I will lead you through poses that compliment your figure and style, while laughing and having a blast! I will make you feel like your on America’s Next Top Model! I have worked with high school seniors for the past 13 years and have taught over 2000 students, so I really know this age group and how to make them feel comfortable in front of my camera.

As for family portraits, I don’t want your family looking stiff and uncomfortable, so I will lead you thru a series of experiments that are both goofy and sentimental allowing for really authentic imagery. A lot of families might get a family portrait taken by a professional photographer when the kids are young, but none since the kids have gotten older and this is what I love; to photograph your family, when all the kids have grown up.  I want to create an experience your family will never want to forget.

Can I choose the location?

Absolutely! If you have a cool place in mind, I would love to explore a new location. Typically, I have a bunch of urban or natural settings that I take my clients too that allow for awesome portraits.

How long is a typical session?

A typical session takes approximately 2 hours. I don’t like to rush things. We get to hang out and take pictures while you and your family are looking fabulous. And if you want to have both an urban look alongside a natural look, 2 hours is perfect. This time frame will allow for lots of changing of outfits, which is especially important for my seniors.

Keep in mind, if we have time, we can take some pics of just you and your spouse, some of the kids by themselves, some with daddy and mommy. We can really have fun with it.

What products do you offer?

Photos are NOT meant to stay on your computer, so I offer a variety of modern products — canvas or urban mounts to decorate your walls, big albums that you can put on the coffee table or small albums you can throw in your purse and custom cards that are way cooler than the ones that you order from Costco.

What should I wear?

Ultimately, I want you to wear what ever makes YOU feel and look YOUR best. But of course I have some suggestions. I love when my clients show off their personalities with color, fun accessories, funky jewelry, or cool shoes. For guys, just wear something cool. Stay away from bold patterns though, because they can take away from your gorgeous face!

For my seniors, a photo session is an excuse to go shopping, so hit up your favorite store and ask one of the workers to help you put together the perfect outfit. Show off your style! When you book a session with me, I hook you up with an amazing What to Wear Guide that is 70 pages long, getting you super prepped for the big day. But if you still can’t decide on what to wear, bring a bunch of outfits and I can help you pick the best outfits or you can change a few times. My favorite stores to shop are Suo & Caitlin located on Birch Street, Urban Outfitters or Forever 21. You can check out my What to Wear section on Pinterest for ideas.

As for families, please don’t think you have to be all matchy matchy. Nowadays, family portraits are more about who you are as a family. I know you all don’t go out to dinner wearing white shirts and denim. Maybe in 1988 you did. You can coordinate by wearing similar shades of a color, or all wear bright colors, or all can even sport more earth tones.  You can check out my What to Wear section on Pinterest for ideas.

For every client, whether you are senior or family, I will give you special access to my Client Lounge that has What to Wear Guides with lots of great information on how to look your best. I will also talk to you in person or over the phone, your ideas of what to wear. My seniors love to text me photos of their outfit ideas, which I love.

How should I do my make-up & hair?

Before every session, I will give you the option of working with my favorite stylist team at Salon Lujon where you will experience professional makeup application and professional hair styling. You will walk out feeling like a model ready for your photo shoot! If you don’t opt for the full on pampered experience, I will send you all sorts of helpful hints on how to apply your makeup. But remember, it’s your day, so have fun with it!

What happens after the portrait session? What can I expect?

After your portrait session, I go home and upload your photos to my computer and immediately back them up on an external hard drive, ensuring their safety. I go through all the images and pick out my favorites and then begin the editing process. After touching up the images and giving them my signature look, I will blog a sneak peek and then I will have you come over to the studio to look at all the fabulous photos during a Premier Ordering Session. During that time, you can see & touch all the fabulous products I offer, so you know exactly what you ordered. After you have purchased your photographic art, I will blog all my favorites and I will put tagged photos on Facebook for you to share with friends. A few weeks later, you will have beautiful photos hanging on your walls and I will have been with you every step!

Are digital images included in my session fee?

In short no. The session fee only includes my time, talent, scheduling, travel and editing of images. Prints, print products and high-resolution images are available in addition to this fee.

Is sales tax included in your session fees or print collections? If I pay you in cash, can you waive the sales tax?

Sales tax is not included in my session fees or print collections. The California sales tax of 8% will be added onto all creative fees, collection and/or a la carte items, as required by state law. I try to run an ethical business, so please don’t ask me to break the law and offer you no sales tax.

Is it ok for me to scan my photos and share with friends/family or put them on Flickr or Facebook?

With every portrait session, I blog my favorites. These images are watermarked and are web ready to share with friends and family. It is against copyright law for you to put non-watermarked photos online or scan them for reprinting purposes.

My contract clearly states “It is a violation of federal copyright law to allow photographs created by Photographer to be reprinted, duplicated, digitally reproduced, copied, scanned, or altered without the permission of Photographer. Client agrees to purchase prints and products directly from Photographer unless in possession of high resolution digital files. Further, Client agrees not to make copies for sale or for the purpose of circumventing sale of the images by Photographer. Client agrees not to scan, copy or reproduce images in any manner, for any reason, without a written release from Photographer.”

Additionally, according to Professional Photographers of America:

“The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the author (creator) of the photograph the exclusive right to copy, edit, and distribute image by sale or transfer.

These exclusive rights make it illegal to copy, scan, edit, or share photographic prints and digital media without the photographer’s permission. Violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.

Be sure to discuss your copyright needs or questions with your photographer; reasonable requests may be accommodated.”

If you have any additional questions about packages, feel free to email me.

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