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Amber Fox Photographer-Ashley Testimonial-Orange County Senior Portraits_0001“Being a Foxy Model has definitely been a highlight out of my senior year. It’s so much fun and I have gotten to meet and bond with some amazing girls from different schools. I’m so glad that I’ve had this opportunity to not only broaden my social horizons but to also feel more confident in myself.

Amber Fox does an amazing job at making her models/clients feel and look absolutely beautiful. She did and excellent job in trying to bring out my personality in every aspect of the photo. I love the way my senior portraits turned out because they are so much more personal than standard senior photos. This has been such an amazing experience and I’m glad that I have these photos to look back on my senior year self when I’m older.” — Ashley Park


Amber Fox Photographer-Kelly Testimonial-Orange County Senior Portraits_0001“I had friends that were class of 2015 Foxy Models and seeing their pictures made me want Amber Fox to do my senior portraits and then I luckily got the opportunity to be a Class of 2016 Foxy Model! I have had so much fun with this and I am so glad that I was able to be a Foxy Model.

Amber Fox is such an incredible woman and I am so happy to have met her! She makes you feel beautiful and she is amazingly talented which is the best combo. I would definitely recommend Amber Fox for your senior session because it has been the best year of my life!” — Kelly Guidry


Amber Fox Photographer-Nicole Testimonial-Orange County Senior Portraits_0001“My experience as a Foxy Model has been absolutely amazing. I have never had such a wonderful lady tell me how beautiful I was. Amber truly makes you feel like you are beautiful on the inside and out. I have not gone to one shoot not loving the pictures that were taken. Every photo shoot was filled with laughs and smiles. All the girls I have met have been absolutely wonderful! I would like to thank Amber for making me feel confident in a way that I had never been before. I always look forward to coming to a photo shoot and getting to express myself in a different way.” — Nicole Fraga

Amber Fox Photographer-Victoria Testimonial-Orange County Senior Portraits_0001“The first time I found out about Amber Fox I was searching through Instagram and I happened to come across a few photos of some of my senior friends taken by Amber. They looked absolutely gorgeous! And I remember from that point on I really wanted to become a Foxy Senior Model. When I got the invitation I was super excited, and after actually taking some photos I realized how much I enjoyed it.

Amber is absolutely amazing! Even though I was super awkward for my first shoot, Amber was super friendly and helpful and made me feel comfortable right away. She also does put a lot of work into making sure everything is flawless! I love being an Amber Fox model and I have to say that it was definitely a highlight of my high school career. I’m super thankful that I have beautiful pictures to take and keep with me for the rest of my life. ”
— Victoria Wu

Amber Fox Photographer-Alex Testimonial-Orange County Senior Portraits_0001“Amber matched up the perfect photo shoot to fit our daughter’s tastes. It was one shoot lasting almost our whole day from hair to make-up, and Amber was a constant help. Through her work I saw my daughter shine in her final year of high school. Whenever my daughter felt nervous Amber was quick to help give her the boost she needed to smile and shine in the photos taken. Each shoot my daughter showed more of her true self as a funny and breathtaking young woman. Having gone through this with both my daughters, I can guarantee that when my third daughter Gillian is a senior, Amber will be doing her senior portraits. The work accomplished by Amber has been a gift to my family.”
— Alex Rubeshaw


Amber Fox Photographer I Amy Meador Testimonial I Orange County Senior Portraits_0001“Yearbook pictures have always been a dread. The whole process takes an hour but actually getting your picture taken is done in, at most, ten seconds (not to mention the inevitable flyaway hairs and forced smiles). But with Amber, it was a completely different experience. I got three hours of just me and her traveling around Fullerton taking pictures of me. Amber knows the nooks and crannies and took me to beautiful sites I had never knew existed. She was interactive, playful, and just a great person to be around.  I felt so comfortable with her and it really showed through my photos. I didn’t tense up or force a smile. It’s always been awkward for me to have my picture taken, but with Amber behind the lens I felt like a model.  Amber is such an incredible, bright and lively woman. I would recommend her to anyone who wanted to get professional pictures done with beautiful results. She isn’t just your photographer, she’s your friend.”
— Amy Meador, Fullerton

MaxWe were very pleased with Max’s senior photos taken by Amber Fox. Amber was creative with her choice of location and background and she made Max feel very comfortable and confident during the photo shoot. The images captured an important time in his life and we are glad we chose the candid shots created by Amber Fox Photographer, rather than the sterile photos often created in a commercial photography studio.” — Rick & Lisa McCollum, Whittier

Michaela dividerline “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such sweet pictures of our ‘Lovely’! Your photos are truly amazing and it’s so obvious you have a great eye for capturing the heart of the person within. God has you right where you need to be…your passion for photography is a blessing to those you have photographed as well as those who will find their way to your amazing talent. You’ve put a smile on our hearts as we now adjust our lives for our next journey, which will involve college life. Blessings, smiles, and hugs from a proud mom and dad!” — The Negretes, Fullerton

Druv“Thanks for hand delivering our gifts, the photos and the album. We are just in awe and the finish of the storyboards is so sleek. Dhruv LOVED the album…and of course, we all do too. Amber, thank you for capturing all these memories for us. Every time we see the photographs we will think of you. Thanks again and looking forward to our next project.” — The Nathwanis, Irvine
Amber Fox Photographer I Haley Testimonial I Orange County Senior Portraits_0001 “I was a very lucky senior that was allowed the chance to take my senior portraits with the amazing photographer, Amber Fox. As we went into the shoot, I was kind of nervous that I would be purposely posing in pictures. But when we started the first photo, Amber knew where and how to place me in the photo, making sure I was always comfortable. She has a good eye and always knows how to pose you, but she is open to new ideas. Also, Amber was just an easy-going and VERY kind lady, like a good friend. After that, the whole shoot made me feel like a model from one of the name brand clothing ads in the magazines. The whole experience altogether was so much fun (especially the noises she makes as she take your photos because they are coming out so well) and the photos came out beautiful. I highly recommend Amber Fox Photographer as your Senior Portrait photographer. You will not regret it and you will have so much fun in the process. She will truly make you feel like a “Foxy Model.”” — Haley Glass, Yorba Linda dividerline

Amber Fox Photographer I Grace Testimonial I Orange County Senior Portraits_0001“Amber made this photo shoot super fun! She picked great locations; they were so beautiful and unique. She made it an amazing day for me and made me feel beautiful. If there was anyone that I would want taking my senior pictures it would be Amber Fox. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and gorgeous. She listens to what you want and does a great job at applying it.” — Grace Marshall, Fullerton     dividerline
Amber Fox Photographer I Darcy Testimonial I Orange County Senior Portraits_0001 Amber, it’s all summed up by Darcy’s comment, “I can’t even believe it’s me.” Beyond that, your composition and skill at using natural light are amazing. The results are true artistry. You make it simple, easy and with the added bonus that you are such a joy to be around.” — Bob Sattler, Fullerton   dividerline  

Amber Fox Photographer I Chandra Testimonial I Orange County Senior Portraits_0001 “Oh my gosh! Thank you! Thank you! You caught both my girls BEAUTIFULLY. I just want to hug you! I want to share them with everyone. What a special talent you have. Can I buy them ALL! Amazing!” — Chandra’s Mom, Fullerton   dividerline      

Amber Fox Photographer I Sarah Testimonial I Orange County Senior Portraits_0001 “You captured her essence through your lens; and as importantly through your kind words. We also believe that life’s meaning is glorifying God. You have provided my family a lifetime, cherished gift with your camera, your optimism and your belief in our Sara.” — Sara’s Dad, Whittier   dividerline