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Oh the Rubeshaws. I love this family. I was blessed to photograph Kendall three years ago, and then doubly blessed when Alex became a Foxy Senior Model. So I was so excited to photograph the whole family and capture an updated version of their family portraits. This session was a part of the benefit of being a Foxy Senior Model.

Amber Fox Photographer, Fullerton Family Portraits, Rubeshaw FamilyI just love this shot! This dad must loose a lot of sleep at night, with such beautiful daughters. But they are so sweet and good girls, that there is nothing to worry about.  Amber Fox Photographer, Fullerton Family Portraits, Rubeshaw FamilySisters! Enough said. Even though the birth order is off in this pic, I really wanted the youngest daughter to be hugged by her two older sisters. Being a pre-teen is tough! You need the support of your big sisters. Can I get an Amen! Amber Fox Photographer, Fullerton Family Portraits, Rubeshaw FamilyI love this shot. Photographs of parents are so important. I don’t think I really have any good pictures of my parents from me growing up. So I love to get this shot for mom and dad, but also one for their kids. Creating a legacy people! Amber Fox Photographer, Fullerton Family Portraits, Rubeshaw FamilyEven though we live in So Cal and most of it is brown, brown and more brown, I love this park because everything is green. And this particular spot has some great Sycamore trees that have some gorgeous Fall coloring. I think the next three shots feel like they were taken in the East Coast.  Amber Fox Photographer, Fullerton Family Portraits, Rubeshaw Family Amber Fox Photographer, Fullerton Family Portraits, Rubeshaw Family


I love learning. And I love teaching. I think in order to teach better, I must always be in a pursuit to learn more. Beyond wanting to become a better senior portrait photographer, and learn how to run a business, one of my core goals for going to Conference 12, was to learn off-camera lighting. My teacher was the fabulous Jared Rey. We have been friends for a few years now, and he has been teaching me via Skype how do this very exciting lighting technique. I had a blast pushing my knowledge, taking risks, messing up and finally getting it right.  Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior PortraitsWhile at the conference, our last day focused on pricing strategies with Kelly Cowieson. She is a Texas based photographer who specializes in senior portraits. She beautifully mixes studio with outdoor and has created a fabulous business model. Kelly was so generous with her knowledge and I was able to walk away with some key strategies for changing some aspects of my business. If you live in Texas, you have to check her out.  Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior PortraitsBut one of my favorite parts of the day, was listening to the wonderful Leslie Kerrigan. I have known Leslie for years and years it feels, so it was so fun to learn from her. She has such amazing relationships with her seniors, so it was fun to see how she fosters those. She talked about the senior experience and all the fun things she does for her girls. I am excited to lavish some love on my girls this upcoming year, with some of Leslie’s ideas.  Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior PortraitsAnd Geni from Pink Owl Photography spoke on working with other businesses and national organizations. I have been a follower of Pink Owl for a long time, so it was super fun to meet the girl behind the lens. She runs a very impressive business, with two different locations on the the East Coast and in the South. Super cool!  Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior PortraitsThe last speaker for Conference 12, was the fabulous Courtney de Laura. Courtney spoke about work life balance, and reminded us of what is most important when creating our business model. There was definitely some stingers in there, but things a room full of moms needed to here. Contemporary women have so much on their plates, especially if you are small business owner. I know this first hand, being a mom, a wife and photo teacher full time. It’s hard to balance it all and has taken me years to figure out. Thanks Courtney for speaking truth!
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior PortraitsSo what does all this mean for my Seniors? Well ladies (and sometimes gents), I am amping it up this upcoming year. So much fun lies ahead for 2016!  Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Senior Portraits

So if you want to become a part of the Foxy Senior family, click the link below and book your shoot for Spring. My calendar is getting filled for Spring, so lets make sure you are on the calendar.


I have been photographing the Israel Family for the past five years. John & Edie were our realtors and I have been blessed to have been their family portrait photographer for the several years now and I LOVE it! They are so wonderful and it’s been fun being a part of their lives. You can see my favorite shoot of them here Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Family Portraits, Yorba Linda PhotographerSomething we always do is create a fun picture. This has changed from year to year, but a part of every shoot the Israel’s do something silly and ham it up. Seriously hilarious.  Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Family Portraits, Yorba Linda PhotographerAnd if you have been following me for awhile now, you know that I have specialize in high school seniors. I did Emily’s senior portrait three years ago and it’s always a little flashback to her fabulous senior session when I photograph the Israels.  Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Family Portraits, Yorba Linda PhotographerEmily’s hair and eyes are out of control GORGEOUS!!!  Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Family Portraits, Yorba Linda PhotographerAnd with every session, I always get some updated head shots and photos of Edie & John with their Emily.  Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Family Portraits, Yorba Linda Photographer


A few days ago my grandfather passed away. One of my little boys, Luke Conrad, carries his name. My sweet grand father, Conrad Arseneau passed away at the old age of 89. Having raised a large handful of kids, and farmed hundreds of acres of land, I can say this man lived a long and good life. My grandparents live in Illinois, so across the country from where I live now. I grew up having a relationship with them, from when they would come out to visit my family in California and the few times we ventured out to the farm. Even with them living far away, I hold dear to the precious memories with my grand father. I truly loved this man.  Amber Fox Photographer, IL Beloved Session of my Grandparents

When I was pregnant with my boys, John and I flew out to spend the week with the family. I cherish those days now. Lots of long conversations with my grandparents about how life once was. Thank you for sharing your stories. I photographed a whole series of beautiful images of both my grandparents, ones that I hold dear to me. We shot the photos on my cousin’s organic farm. We have lots of farmers in the family, which shows what a legacy he created.

Amber Fox Photographer, Beloved PhotographerMy grandparents have been married for 69 years! They met in high school and started dating when they wanted two of their friends to go to prom together. They thought if they went together, their friends would go together. After prom, my grandparents kept dating and at 19 got married. Seven kids later, hundreds of acres tended to, lots and lots of grandkids and great grandkids, my grandma and grandpa, have a lot to be proud of.
Amber Fox Photographer, Beloved PhotographerI just love how the still laugh and flirt with each other.  Amber Fox Photographer, Photos of Couples in Love Amber Fox Photographer, Beloved Photographer Amber Fox Photographer, Beloved Photographer

I pray that you in heaven celebrating with Jesus. God bless you grandpa!

  • Pam ingersoll - January 14, 2016 - 9:11 pm

    On my goodness… beautiful….thank u for sharing….I only hope my Grands love me as much as you loved him…a gift….

Family Portraits are so important. So often we remember to get the important family portrait when the kids are little. And then life gets busy and we don’t make the time to get the annual portrait done. And then next thing you know, your kids are almost all grown up and they are filling out their college applications. I have been photographing highs school seniors for six years, and time and time again, I hear the parents say that they haven’t gotten an updated family portrait since the kids were little. Now for every session, I want to offer my senior’s family the opportunity to have their family photographed. It doesn’t have to be just all about the graduating senior!

This beautiful family is the Wu Family. I just loved working with them. They were a delight. I photographed Victoria’s Senior Portraits just moments after this session ended. When you book your senior portrait session for this upcoming Spring, please ask about this wonderful option.  Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Family Portraits_0015I actually love working with families of preteen up to adult children. There are tons of photographers who specialize in getting the perfect shot of the two year old, while the mom is dancing behind the photographer. I can do that too, but what I really love is making the 13 year old feel beautiful. And I think I am pretty good at create contemporary family portraits with a modern edge.  Amber Fox Photographer, Work it ladies!
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Family Portraits_0016The Wu family ended up purchasing a super big canvas of this very image to place above their living room fireplace. It looks stunning!
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Family Portraits_0012So many married couples spend lots of money hiring a photographer for their wedding and 20 years go by and they don’t have any recent photos of themselves together, without the kids. It is so fun to take these kinds of pictures. And I really think it leaves a legacy for the kids to see their parents all flirtatious and cuddly. It’s a good model for their kids future relationships.
Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Family Portraits_0014 Amber Fox Photographer, Orange County Family Portraits_0013

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